Who I work with....

Commissions by Architects

This process is one of the few where two vastly differing creative disciplines meet and interact. I truly enjoy experiencing how different structures can relate and exhibit their designers' personalities. How the work of art, in this case a functional structure, relates the individual’s character.

Lennard and Lennard

Is a small architectural practice specialising in designing buildings, which 'disappear' into the indigenous landscape.

These photos of Spanish Farm Guest house in Somerset West was taken of one of Lennard & Lennard's designs. The building has been partially set into the mountain with a roof garden leaving the structure to be a hidden gem within nature. Stephen Lennard's designs grow to be a part of its surroundings and not an intrusive object competing with its natural surroundings.

JS Architects

Jozef Smit approaches design with an attention to detail related to the finer design factors within the structure. These two photographs show how Jozef has turned the lighting conduit into a design feature by leaving it a visible attribute on the ceiling. Just one of the small artistic touches that gives me great pleasure whenever I photograph one of Jozef's designs.

Lanel Design Studio

Nicola Nell, architect at Lanel Design studio, ads a feminine touch with her natural talent and flair for interior design. Below images were photographed in Somerset West of one of the projects where Nicola expertly combined her knowledge of architectural design with her talent for interior design.

Commisions by Interior Designers

Lynne Harris

On two occasions now I have had the happy task of photographing the work of interior designer Lynne Harris. Our first shoot together was of the Devils Peak Brewery in Epping. Here Lynne combined forces with P&L to create this wonderful interior. Please click on the photograph to see what online VISI magazine describes as a fun, fresh and energetic interior.

Private residence, Higgovale

Our second project was of this private residence in Higgovale with the most picturesque views. Lynne has this beautiful ability to combine the elaborate and fancy with thought loosing the homely and comfortable attitude that all houses require.

Industrial Designers

Just smaller structures. For 10 years now I have had the privilege of working with Pedersen and Lennard. The delicate combination of geometrics, which make up their furniture, has this way of interacting with light that keeps the eye lingering. That, combined with the soft lighting in their showroom, well: Its a kind of magic!! "Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful." I took the liberty of borrowing this quote from the P&L website as it describes their products so well. Their products are always an inspiration to me. As is their way of seeing the world, the always positive and optimistic vide that is P&L.

I have the privilege of working with truely talented individuals, through whom I have learned that creativity breads more creativity.

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