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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Sunrise in Cape Town was at 6:30 today while first light was around 5:45. This means I get up at 5 am which gives me 30 min to get dressed and stumble around until I manage to get some coffee into my system. This morning I left home at 5:30 for my exploratory mission around the Southern Peninsula. First stop, Kalk Bay.

First stop, Kalk Bay

During the course of last year, I purchased a full set of Neutral Density filters. The aim was to capture the movement of clouds and the stagnant quality of buildings, to play with the contrast between the transitory and the stillness. Since the procurement of these filters I have become fascinated with movement in photography.

I named my investigation of this naturally occurring phenomenon, FLOW. The word Annica in Sanskrit refers to the Buddhist concept of impermanence, the philosophical concept of change and temporality. We as humans are always trying to somehow create something, anything that will be still for a time. Something for us to hold onto, something that will ensure a sense of security, some certainty. But no matter how hard we try constant change is inevitable. Everything is always changing. This morning the movement was in the fishing vessels in Kalk Bay and the stillness is represented by the docks. This image was photographed using a 10 stop ND filter extending my exposure time to 30 seconds.

Misty Cliffs

After a clear and now sunny Kalk Bay I travelled to Misty Cilffs, that gave a 100% effort into living up to its name.

One of my best and supportive friends recently mentioned to me that my style tends to be very romantic. I never really considered it but in looking at my work now I definitely see her point. Romantic artists such as Friedrich, Turner, Monet, Manet, Degas and photographers, whose styles are considered to be romantic, such as Steichen, Stieglitz and Bill Brandt are my among my favourite influencers. With this in mind it would be ignorant to think my style would not grow to become romantic in nature. Ofcourse the ND filters are also paying a big role in this developement. Above image, photographed witha 4stop ND filter and a 2 stop gradient ND filter.

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