Flow and temporality

Updated: Mar 28

Water’s movement is everywhere, always changing, never stagnant. All of those miniscule atoms, changing shape from ice to fluid to steam to dew to rain to mist and even into us when you consider that we consist of 70% water. When we breathe we exchange water with the air around us. We ingest water that allows the blood that flows through our veins to circulate, always flowing through our bodies delivering nutrients and receiving waste that is then excreted, again in the form of water. Since the beginning of this year I have been working on a project to illustrate this concept. The idea that maybe we are not as separate from this world as we like to think.

We are intricately linked to everything that happens to everything and everyone around us. There is a beautiful elegance to the sophisticated character of FLOW that is perceivable within all of nature. Nature never hoards. Her intricate balance always gives and then has the patience to wait for the flow to return. An equilibrium, which our human nature has not even begun to understand.

The natural flow of life is disrupted when we hoard. We have stopped this natural flow of giving and receiving. But dont fear, nature will find the balance, she is much more than we can ever be alone as one human. But what if we learn and stand together?

Maybe our temporality is miniscule within the greater scheme of this universe.

Maybe the only way to survive our impermanence is to embrace this connection we have been gifted by nature, let it envelope us, and allow ourselves to be swallowed back into the rhythm that is nature.

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