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Girl with the Pearl Earring”

From ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ stems the idea for these portraits.
Griet is the maid of Johannes Vermeer. He sees something more in her than just a mere maid and proceeds to paint her portrait wearing his wife’s earrings. In so doing, he breaks the stigma of the non-persona that has become, in most households, synonymous with the term “maid”.
The delicately feminine portrait of Griet painted in the soft window lighting has always been one of my favourite paintings. Vermeer has a superlative talent for manipulating natural light to unveil the most beautiful side of his subject. There is a lot to learn from the old masters!

I see portraits as a way to a closer understanding of how the rest of humanity perceives and is also perceived.

Maybe that is what a portrait is, for creator and muse, a way to better understand an emotion, or a feeling, by allowing the interaction to lead the way to better insight